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Andie Hines-Langemann

Andie is an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner with a focus on leveraging strengths in order to overcome barriers such as fear, burnout, or imposter syndrome and replace them with self-confidence, joy, and fulfillment.  Emotional intelligence has become a buzz phrase that many reduce to empathy.  While empathy is certainly a part of it, your emotional intelligence (also known as EQ or EI) includes the way you think and feel about yourself, how that shows up on the outside, how you develop and maintain relationships, make decisions, and cope with stress. 


Well-developed emotional intelligence gives the ability to build awareness and productive use of emotional skills, and can be strengthened and developed in order to meet both personal and professional goals.  In a culture where we are expected to think and act quickly, intentionality and mindfulness of our emotions helps bolster our sense of self-worth, increase collaboration, and mitigate stress. 


Through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and presentations, Andie creates customized tools and strategies to meet each client's unique objectives.  She is also certified to administer Level B clinical assessments through Multi Health Systems including the EQi-2.0, EQ360, and EQi-2.0 Higher Education.  These impactful tools lay crucial groundwork for her one-on-one clients, and frequently group clients as well.  Andie works with any gender ages 17 through adulthood, as well as corporate or social groups. 


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Andie is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner through Multi Health Systems, and is currently earning her Masters of Positive Psychology through Indiana Wesleyan University. In the Spring of 2022, Andie will be trained by Dr. Reuven Bar-On, one of the founders of Emotional Intelligence, on his forthcoming measurement tool which uses psychometric methods for scoring individual responses and considers the whole person, including spirituality.

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