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Through out life unexpected challenges arise that can completely throw us off our course. Counseling can help individuals struggling with a wide array of difficulties ranging from dealing with depression, physical pain to the loss of a spouse. Sometimes just having another person to talk with about our biggest fears, our regrets, or goals for the future can be helpful. Talking to a professional about personal issues can be difficult and scary. We have found that most people really enjoy our time together & find it not only beneficial, but life changing. The length of treatment varies with each individual's needs. Some persons may only seek a few sessions while others enjoy the relationship that develops with the counselor and continue to seek out the additional support and encouragement that ensues during sessions. Occasionally the therapist may request that additional family members or caregivers attend sessions but this will always be done with your permission and desire to do so. It is important that you feel comfortable and trust the therapist that you see. For this reason, if at any time you do not feel like the therapist is meeting the goals or expectations you have it is important to address this with your therapist. Having these conversations can be difficult and/ or uncomfortable but are vital in ensuring that you are receiving the best treatment possible. Our therapists are each trained in distinct approaches. You can learn more about the variety of approaches by clicking here.

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