Jennifer’s interests are working with individuals who are ready and willing to make changes to their nutrition and lifestyle. She desires to educate people to see the value of good nutrition and encourage them to implement the necessary changes to enhance their physical and mental well-being. She believes that every individual is unique and not one way of eating (diet) works for everyone and will work with you in finding the right balance for your body and what will be the most beneficial.


Jennifer grew up recognizing the value of good nutrition and, after some health struggles herself, has been able to acknowledge the importance of the whole person. Not only the physical, but also the mental/emotional and spiritual aspect of health and well-being. She gets excited watching the transformations in her clients and love celebrating their successes!

 Jennifer Smallwood completed her Bachelor’s in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health from Purdue University in 2007. She is continuously learning about what is knew and stays up to date on the latest ‘fads’ and nutritional supplements. In her free time, you will find Jennifer spending time with her family, being in the sunshine and out in nature.



Specific, detailed, individualized meal plans and recipes based on body composition, food sensitivities, special diets etc. $15/ 1 week of meals


Body composition measurements included in sessions if desired.




$60/hour prorated by the quarter hour


Expect the first session to be 1 hour /
Follow-ups typically 30-60 minutes