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Jennifer enjoys working with adults (18+) seeking growth and discovery of themselves and their world.  She values individual choice and incorporates that in her counseling techniques using client-centered approaches, empowering them to engage in their own change process. 


Jennifer has experience working with many different mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and trauma and neglect.  She is passionate about being the safe place where clients can define their own journey and move toward becoming their best self.  She believes our emotions are there for a reason and enjoys teaching clients how to identify their emotions, recognize the information being provided by them and how to use that information to take action.


Jennifer values the recognition that experiences in our childhood and family environments can formulate so many of our perspectives and expectations for ourselves, our relationships, and the world, as a whole; and, how sometimes, those earlier life experiences can keep us stuck in a dissatisfied or frustrated life.  Upon discovering those perspectives and their effects, we are then able to take steps toward the life we want.

Jennifer Snider, LMHC earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Regent University in Virginia in 2011. 

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