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Lauren is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate.  Her passions lie with child and adolescent, adult, and family counseling, to work through unfinished business in one's life, and helping explore one's truest self.  Lauren has experience working with areas of concerns such as school issues, anxiety, depression, self esteem issues, ADHD, relational/peer conflicts, and family conflicts.


Lauren believes that each individual is the expert of their own life experiences, and she is there to help each client explore their path of healing and acceptance of self that feels true to each individual who enters her counseling room.  Lauren invites each individual to a space a collaboration, empowerment, safety, and a nonjudgement in order to allow healing, exploration, experimentation, and vulnerability. 


Lauren utilizes a holistic/humanistic approach (mind, body, and spirit) to counseling and incorporates Gestalt Therapy, Sand Tray, Meditation and Mindfulness practices, and The Oaklander Model of child and adolescent Gestalt Play Therapy.  These techniques and interventions allow clients to explore how internal feeling and nonverbals help us to express emotions that may be difficult to verbalize, as well as exploring the present moment and how various concerns and thoughts may be affecting the mind and body. 


Lauren earned both her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Purdue University Fort Wayne.  She is currently working on her Meditation Instructor Certification through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP).




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