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Our philosophy is based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolph Dreikurs, two of the most influential Austrian psychiatrists of the 20th century.  They believed that misbehaving children were really discouraged children who had mistaken ideas about how to “belong” and feel important.  Based on this primary assumption, we teach an approach to discipline that addresses the child’s belief as well as the behavior.


Discipline comes from the root word “to teach”.  What caregivers learn in our classes is a positive way to teach children without punishment.  Our approach is different from the counting, sticker charts and grounding that many parents and teachers have found to be frustrating, time-consuming and, ultimately, ineffectual.  When we address only the children’s behavior we punish them.  In effect, we teach them that they must depend on us, that they lack personal power, and that they are “bad”.  In return, children often rebel, seek revenge, or withdraw completely.


The Adlerian approach to parenting teaches children self respect, responsibility, and self esteem.  Parents who use the Adlerian approach to parenting learn ways to encourage their children to want to cooperate instead of simply figuring out ways to make their children “mind".  A wise person once said that the one job in the whole world that will give a person the lowest self-esteem is being a parent.  When parents learn our approach to parenting they often comment that their job has become less of a challenge and more fun.


At the end of our study groups parents often tell us that they wish they could continue to meet.  We believe this is because we’ve grown and shared a very special and unique experience that for many; can be life changing.  If you’re interested about learning more or attending one of our parent study groups contact Ines Oldenburg.

“Jenny is an enthusiastic parent educator who also does individual and family counseling. Her positive focus helps children and parents build on their strengths and gives them the encouragement they need to succeed in school, home, and relationships.”

- John F Newbauer, Ed.D., HSPP



“I enthusiastically endorse Jenny Seiss’ parenting classes! They are refreshing, inspirational, & informative…offering the tools and support that can make the difference between enjoying parenting and merely enduring it. Unfortunately, children do not come with owner’s manuals. Jenny’s parenting classes are the next best thing.”

- Judith Williams, Psy. D., HSPP - Family Counseling Center

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