About Reiki:

Reiki has its origins in Japan and is a gentle, holistic healing method that is safe for all ages. Rather than focusing on the "illness" itself or a specific body part, Reiki takes the whole person into consideration. Reiki is a form of "energy work" where the Practitioner uses a light touch on or around a person's body to help guide energy. The energy balances and heals the individual on a physical level, as well as on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki is non-denominational and does not belong to any religion. 

Receiving a Reiki session means you are entering a quiet, relaxing, and safe environment, where you are allowing time just for yourself. If a client arrives to the session tense, anxious, or in pain, Reiki almost immediately shifts the body from the "fight-or-flight" response to one of relaxation, which supports the body's own healing mechanism. Reiki does not override any treatment your doctor may have prescribed for you or any medication you may currently be on; it actually supports your body's own ability to heal and restore balance. 


People experience Reiki in different ways. Some feel warmth emanating from the Practitioner's hands, others feel a tingly sensation as the energy flows through them. Others feel very relaxed and fall asleep during the session, dreaming in vivid colors. Afterwards, most everyone comments how relaxed and good they feel.

About Our Reiki Practitioner:

Lyndy Guevara is our Reiki Master/Teacher. She's been a Reiki healer in the Usui tradition for over 10 years. She's also taken courses in Spirituality, Shamanism, Journeying, and Meditation. She enjoys collaborating, talking to groups, and teaching classes.  

Reiki Can Help You If You Are:
  • Stressed

  • Suffering from anxiety

  • Having trouble focusing

  • Struggling with depression

  • Not able to quiet your mind

  • Experiencing aches and pains

  • Having trouble re-finding your joy

Documented Research Has Shown That Reiki :
  • Lowers heart rate

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Lowers Cortisol (The Stress Hormone)

  • Lowers pain in chronically ill patients

  • Lowers symptoms of depression and stress

  • Increases cognition levels in the elderly due to Alzheimers/dementia

  • Increases pre-surgery relaxation while decreasing post-surgery pain

  • Increases immune strength

What Clients Are Saying:

"I love Reiki. It helps my mind quiet down and makes me feel very, very calm."  ~  D.W.

"I have Parkinson's and the symptoms of this illness are sometimes intolerable. Receiving Reiki from Lyndy has been a life-changing experience. She cares about me and my well-being. She tailors the Reiki session to me and my needs. Reiki has done wonders for me! I always feel better after the sessions -- my tremors go away, I walk better, my speech is better, my headaches are gone, I don't feel so heavy anymore. I'm so thankful I found Reiki through Lyndy."  ~  E.S.

"Everyone needs Reiki. It's like wiping away all the cobwebs and starting clean."  ~  R.W.

"Lyndy is a wonderful energy worker. I feel like for me, such an important part of the healing process is to feel like the practitioner truly cares about me and my well-being and isn't just going through the motions. I really feel like Lyndy was able to provide me with some much-needed support. She is in tune and was able to help me feel connected to an energy of healing and love."  ~  Z.L. 

  • 60-minutes (teens & adults) - $85

  • 30-minutes (children) - $60

Hours of Availability:
  • Monday through Friday - evenings only

  • Saturday & Sunday - mornings & afternoons

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