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The decision to pursue bariatric and similar surgeries can be difficult. Often times, individuals who are considering bariatric surgery have attempted to loose weight through a myriad of diet plans and exercise programs with no success. Oaktree Guidance & Wellness Center is familiar with the stress and challenges that individuals struggling with obesity experience on a daily basis.


Oaktree Guidance & Wellness Center provides bariatric assessments and counseling to individuals who are considering bariatric surgery as a solution to weight loss. There are a number of important factors to consider that can affect one’s success following surgery. We can help assess, educate and counsel those that are considering pursuing this option in pursuing a healthier lifestyle and future.


It is important for both the individual considering surgery and doctor performing the surgery to ensure that each individual will be as successful as possible following surgery. Oaktree Guidance & Wellness Center can assess significant risk factors related to mental health and coping strategies that may impact the success of surgery and provide feedback and support to each individual to ensure the most healthy and successful outcome.


A bariatric assessment includes a three-step process. An initial appointment will be scheduled during which the psychologist completing the assessment will do a clinical interview. The clinical interview is an informal process during which the psychologist will ask the individual considering surgery about their past attempts at weight loss and about their future goals and aspirations. Following the clinical interview is the formal testing stage. During the formal testing stage the patient will complete two to three psychological tests and take anywhere from two to three sessions to complete.


Once the psychologist has completed the clinical interview and has reviewed the data from the assessment phase of the process an interpretive report will be generated. This portion of the process may take anywhere from one to two weeks depending on the types of instruments used. A follow up appointment can be scheduled to review the report prior to submitting the report to your doctor.




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