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We offer a wide range of testing and assessment services. Psychological testing is used for a wide range of services to learn specific information about a person including their strengths and weaknesses. Psychological assessment can be used to predict future behavior as well as to inform others of how one might function and of what supports might be most useful to a person.


There are basically three aspects to psychological testing. Firstly, the psychologist completing the assessment will complete a clinical interview. The clinical interview is a one to two hour session during which a basic history is gathered to assist the psychologist in better understanding the person being assessed.


The clinical interview is followed by specific tests that are chosen depending on the area being assessed (i.e., memory, personality, learning, etc.) Some tests are administered by the psychologist during a session while other instruments are self administered and are completed independently by the person being assessed. The number of sessions required to complete the actual testing varies and can range from one to four sessions.


Once the psychologist has completed the clinical interview and assessment procedures he or she reviews the gathered data and prepares an interpretive report. The report writing process can take up to two weeks depending on the number and type of assessment instruments. A follow up session to review the results of the reports with the psychologist will be scheduled upon completion of the process.

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