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  • Lyndy Guevara, Reiki Master/Teacher

Just for Today… I Will Give Thanks for All of My Blessings

Hi, everyone! Today, we are going to explore:

Reiki Principle #1:

Just for today, I will give thanks for all of my blessings.

Why do you suppose that the practice of being grateful is so important that it is one of the Five Reiki Principles? Well, the reason may lie in the fact that the mere act of saying “Thanks!” can actually make you feel happier, as well as feel better physically and mentally.

Many psychological studies have been done on gratitude and its effect on people like you and me. Time and time again, research has shown that being grateful is associated with being happy and feeling good. According to the article “In Praise of Gratitude” in one of Harvard Medical School’s publications,

“gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships." (1)

Wow, talk about a magic pill! Another study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that participants who expressed gratitude before bedtime actually slept better during the night and exhibited less daytime dysfunction than those participants who didn’t ‘count their blessings’ before dozing off. (2) There are even health professionals who are exploring how gratitude can assist with managing chronic pain and are finding positive results! (3)

With so many benefits related to being grateful, it is no wonder that Reiki principle #1 is to give thanks!

For some people, “showing gratefulness” comes easy. For others, it can feel like an abstract thought. If you fall into the latter group, but still want to reap some of these benefits, here are concrete examples of how YOU can show your gratefulness:

1 – WRITE a Thank You note and either mail it or deliver it in person.

Did someone help you out at work or school? Did someone wash your dishes and leave your kitchen spotless? Well, jot them a quick note letting them know that you appreciated it!

2 – KEEP a Gratitude Journal or Notebook.

Keep a running list of everything you are thankful for. Can’t think of anything? How about the fact that you woke up this morning… or that you can read … or that your eyes work … or that you don’t have the flu? Nothing is too small to mention and everything counts when you are keeping track of your blessings!

3 – COUNT your blessings.

Take a moment each day to say “thanks” either mentally or out loud. I like to do this right before bedtime, but you can do this whenever it’s best for you. For example, count your blessings while you’re drinking your coffee in the morning or while taking your 15-minute break at work. ANY time is the right time!

4 – PRAISE someone.

Did a salesclerk provide you with excellent customer service? If yes, then praise them … and then tell their manager! Not only will you be showing gratitude, but you will be making their day.

5 – LOOK someone in the eye and simply SAY thank you.

No explanation needed :)

Are you feeling stuck and can’t find anything to be thankful for? Visit this page to read “gratitude prompts” or visit here for a list of 66 things to be grateful for.

Now that you know how GREAT it is for your body and mind when you show gratitude, what are you waiting for? Pick a method and go with it! If none of the options I listed above work for you, think of some other way to say “thanks.” The possibilities are endless!

Now, allow me to show My gratitude for YOU… THANK YOU for taking the time to read this article. I appreciate you.

Until next time when we will explore worrying and Reiki Principle #2.

Love & light to you,

- Lyndy

Reiki Master/Teacher

Instagram: @reikifw


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